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Did You Know These Laws For Home Inspection Licensing In The State Of Florida?

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Florida has the kind of weather that allows moisture to seep in your walls and ceilings. This can lead to mold growth and property damage. That is why; sometimes it is necessary to get a home inspection in Leesburg FL residents.

Home Inspection

A home inspection company is a flourishing business that requires proper licensing in Florida. If your home inspector cannot show you a license, they may be doing something against the law. It is necessary for all Florida residents to know that home inspection companies require a license to practice. You should not hire any company that cannot provide a practicing license. These are some laws and requirements for proper licensing in the State of Florida.

The Licenses Regulatory Body for Home Inspection in Leesburg FL

Let us say that you are from Leesburg FL. You should know what regulating body issues home inspection licenses in Florida. This is important so that you know that the license your inspection company has is authentic. In Florida, the Department of Business & Professional Regulation issues all licenses for a home inspection.

Home Inspection in Leesburg FL


Required Training for License

Before your home inspection Windermere FL Company could even have applied to get a license they needed training. There are 120 hours of pre-licensing practice generally required for all Florida house inspection companies. There are rules and regulations for the number of hours for hands-on training as well.

The House Inspection Exam

There is a National Home Inspector Examination held by the board. All home inspection Ocoee FL companies or those based in other cities are required to pass that examination. If your home inspection company did not pass that test, they will not get the license.

Home Inspection Ocoee FL

General Education and Other Requirements

All personnel applying for a home inspection license must have a high school diploma, at least. The licensing committee can even deny a license if they find the lack of good moral character. There are a proper background check and identity verification for all people applying for the home inspection license.

The Renewal Cycle

The license given to home inspection Longwood FL or other cities based companies are not permanent. The renewal cycle is bi-annual. The companies have to renew the license every time it expires and they may have to pay a fine if they do not.

Quality Assurance Standards

There is a list of quality standards for home inspection in Leesburg FL given out by the State of Florida. It includes a detailed list of everything that a Florida home inspector is supposed to do. The list has details about the quality standards of HVAC, electrical, plumbing and all exterior and interior factors involved.

As Florida law requires all home sellers to disclose facts and findings that can make a difference in the sale price, a home inspection is a necessity. You should know all these facts and laws before you hire a home inspector. This will help ensure that you are getting the service from an authentically licensed inspector.

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