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What to Choose Between the Laminated and Hardwood Floors?

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Floor is one of the most important parts of your home, of course. Any visitor, who walks straight into your home for the first time, will probably take a first look on the floor. For that reason, the floor needs to be eye catching and presentable. People from around the world try to get the best kinds of the flooring to their house, but as important as it can get, they demand the proper caring as well. The floors need to be cleaned daily so the shine remains the same every time.

Laminated Vs Hardwood Floors

According to a survey, most of the people have been witnessed using the laminate flooring in Bethesda, MD. While the users of the hardwood flooring in Bethesda, MD were not too far beyond. Here is the useful information that can help you decide between the two flooring options.

Hardwood Flooring Bethesda MD

The Key Features

Discussing the key features of both kinds of the floors, the following points are the key differences:

  • The laminated floors are more synthetic.
  • They stimulate all the other materials very easily and beautifully.
  • This is because of its photograph appliqué layer.

On the other hand:

  • Hardwood floors are better in appearance than the laminate floors.
  • These are inherently warm as compared to the laminated.
  • Also, they are easier to walk on.

Cost in the Installation

Cost can have said to be the greatest difference between the two. Hardwood floors in Bethesda, MD is known to be costlier than the laminated.

  • The cost of hardwood starts from $11 and increasing to the higher level depending upon the material, coloring and the finishing of the wood floor.
  • While, the laminated floors start from $7 and averagely are known to be costing $11. It is because the installation of the laminated is much easier than the hardwood floors.
  • The hardwood flooring installation is costly because it needs to be done by a proper professional.

Hardwood Floors Bethesda MD

Maintaining the Shape and Shine

Obviously, everything needs proper care and the attention. But, there are certain things that need special attention and flooring is one of them.

  • The hardwood flooring will need an extra care because of its protective finish and the appeal to be maintained.
  • More stains, scratches and the moisture will attack the hardwood flooring so they need to be mobbed regularly.
  • While, in the case of the laminated flooring, it is more resistant to the stain and the moisture as well.

The Standard

When it comes to the cost, hardwood is no way near to the laminate floorings, but it is of more value when it comes to the standard description of the homes. More homeowners prefer the hardwood floorings, which definitely pays back the investment you have made in buying it.

Wood floor refinishing Bethesda MD.jpg

Another advantage that comes with the wood floors is the availability of the wood floor refinishing in Bethesda, MD. It is extremely easier and affordable to repair or refinish an old wood floor that is never possible if you have a laminated floor. Because laminated floors are not easy to walk on them, that’s why they are not even considered by some of the owners when it comes to the floor installation.


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