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Buying the Right Shower Glass Doors

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Your walk-in shower or shower stall can never be considered complete without a glass shower door. It is always necessary to refresh your bath with a shower door, which is an economical and practical way. Yes, you can also install the shower curtains that will save you some money, but installing the shower glass doors is an elegant option with their easy access, privacy and watertight seals. When it comes to shower doors, then there are different designs and types available in the market. You will find a number of options of shower glass in Sterling, VA so deciding which option to buy becomes important here.

Here are the 4 most commonly used types of the shower glass doors in Sterling, VA that you can buy for your showers:

Sliding Doors

The sliding doors are also recognized by the name of bypass doors. They are a good option, when you are looking for a glass shower door in Sterling, VA that can cover the least space. These doors comprise of two or three panels. The panels slide on the tracks that are present on top and bottom of the doors. If your opening is 60” wide, then you can consider the sliding/bypass doors. These doors are best for the corner-standalone showers and the bathtub showers that have stationary panels.

Shower glass Sterling VA

Neo-Angle Doors

The new-angle doors are crafted to fit the new-angle shower enclosures for the corner installations. These doors take very little space. You can install these doors to swing open right or left. If you are looking for glass shower doors in Sterling, VA for your corner-standalone showers, then you can buy the new-angle doors.

Round Doors

The round doors open inwards and are best for the corner-standalone showers. These doors are fixed to the bottom and top of a frame that makes it stable and smooth. The curved design of glass will make your bathing area spacious.

Swing Open Doors

Swing open doors are also called pivot or one-panel doors. These doors open outwards from only one side. These doors are typically installed in the standalone showers. These doors are best for the very small openings and can be used in the alcove & corner-standalone showers. These doors are usually 36” wide, but they can also be bought in widths like 48”, depending on the size of your shower.

Glass shower door Sterling VA

Before you buy any frameless glass shower door in Sterling, VA it is highly recommended to go through all available options. Keep in mind your priorities and the facts like the space of your shower. This is the only way by which you can buy the most appropriate shower door for your bathroom. It is also highly recommended to buy a high quality shower door because there will also be many different qualities available in every type. After you have purchased a door, it then becomes extremely necessary to get it installed by someone who is highly experienced in installation of all types of shower doors.


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