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Different Sliding Door Types and Glass to Choose From

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Are you the one who is getting confused on deciding and purchasing the sliding door for your home? Or, if your door glass is broken and for that you want to buy a new replacement glass in the market? If yes, then it needs you to dig a little deep into the market, researching for the right option. Investing on something just because it looks eye-catching is never enough. Whether you want to install new sliding doors, or you need the services of sliding glass door repair in Arlington VA here are the much needed information about the sliding doors that will help you make the right decision in that regard.

Tempered glass Arlington VA

Available Types of Sliding Doors

Different types of sliding doors are there in the market. The purpose of crafting various types is not only to meet the needs of different clients aesthetically, but they are also intended for different spaces and rooms. Here are the three most commonly used sliding door types that you can consider for your project:

  1. Bypass Sliding Doors

If the purpose of the installation is to make partition in a given space, or if you are considering them for the wardrobe, then the bypass doors are the right choice. There are the tracks on both below and above the door frame. The tracks are attached with 2 fixed adjacent panels.

  1. Patio Sliding Doors

Patio sliding doors comprises of glass. And as it reflects by the name, these sliding door types are made generally in the places such as patios. These doors are perfect for patios, but you can also consider them for the dining room, living room, or to create a partition between the two spaces.

  1. Bifold Patio Sliding Doors

If your concern is to open up the entire space, from wall-to-wall, then the bifold doors can be the perfect choice.  These types of doors were initially witnessed in the west coast, but now they are also available in the Midwest. Such doors are an ideal choice for larger spaces. If you wish to make the traffic much easier than the traditional sliding doors, then you should consider this type of sliding door.

Available Glass Types to Choose

For the repair or replacement purpose, you can find a number of glass types in the market. The most commonly used types are textured glass, insulated glass, stained glass, clear glass, toughened glass, and tempered glass in Arlington VA market. To make sure that you choose the right glass type, you should read the characteristics of these glass types online, or ask the nearest glass company to know which one suits best with your environment and overall needs.

Here, you must keep in mind that whether you hire a repair service or you hire a new sliding door installer, you must prefer the quality product and services for the best results. Instead of saving some money today on the cheap quotes, you should aim for the long term benefits that can only be achieved by considering the highest quality products and services.


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