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Top 3 Disadvantages of Carpet Floors

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There are the Centreville carpet flooring & installation companies that have been doing a great business for decades. This is because the carpets have always been a popular choice in Centreville, VA and all across the country. While there are lots of reasons to buy carpets, there are also the reasons for which you can reconsider your flooring options. Here are the top 3 disadvantages for which you can say no to the carpets.

  1. Difficult Maintenance

The first disadvantage that can alter your decision is the carpet’s difficult maintenance. Dust and the other containments can easily get trapped in the carpet, and then it will be harder to remove it from the millions of fibers where it has been trapped. Even if you are regularly vacuuming your carpet, the small particles of dust will always be there hiding invisibly. This can lead to many health problems.


  1. Carpets Contain Toxic Chemicals

Synthetic materials are used to manufacture carpets. For that reason, the carpet that you buy will have the fair amount of toxic chemicals. Due to this, gas will be released from the carpets over the time. The specific smell that you experience, when visiting a carpet store, is actually the gas or the other chemicals that are used to craft a carpet.


  1. They Are Not Durable

When we compare the lifespan of the carpets with the other common flooring options such as tiles or wood floors, then we will find out that carpets are not durable. The maximum life span of carpets is 10-15 years. So, if you are looking for a durable flooring option, then you should consider hardwood or tiles, etc. instead of carpet flooring in Centreville, VA which will be far sturdier than the carpets.

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