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A Guide to Repair or Replace Your Existing Home Windows

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Do you have the damaged, stuck, or drafty home windows? If so, then this is most probably one of those jobs in the hands that need the quickest solutions. Immediate actions are needed to be taken because broken windows are never good for your home security, comfort, and aesthetics. In such situations, a homeowner normally has only two options to choose from. Either he can repair the window or consider replacing it. There is no third way where he can move ahead. But unfortunately, most of the people going through such situations choose the wrong option.

Here is an insight into when you should opt for window replacements and when you should go for Window repair in Arlington VA for the most viable solution:

Window Repair Arlington VA

When to Replace Window Glass?

Rotten Frames: If you ever find out that the window frames are entirely rotten, then it should be the time to replace the home window. Here, you need to be absolutely sure about the severity of the problem because sometimes, it looks worse than actually what they are.

Broken Panes: If there the cracks, chips, or scratches on your window pane, then it mean this is the time to think about a repair or replacement. If you have the vinyl windows installed, then you can consider the replacement option because they are inexpensive to replace, when compared to aluminum-clad, vintage, and the multi-pane custom windows.

Vintage glass: When you have a vintage window that was installed a couple of decades back, then it is also advised to replace them with the new energy-efficient windows. Today, there are different types of energy efficient window glass in Arlington VA that can be used to preserve energy and reducing the energy costs.

Glass Repair Arlington VA

When to Consider Glass Repair?

Broken seals: Installation of the new sash will always cost you around $40 to $250 that is not at all expensive. It is also not a time consuming job and can easily be repaired, while preserving the window frame and renewing the windows life. So, you should opt for the window repair.

Cranky windows: When you feel that your windows are not operating smoothly or they are just not opening, then you have the cranky windows. So, if you have the cranky windows, then you can opt for Glass repair in Arlington VA. But, if you can easily find the replacement parts, then you can also consider the replacement option.

Drafty windows: If there are gaps in the window sashes, dividers, or the frames, then the unintentional air flow will occur. Here, you need to consider the repair option because this is the only way to seal the leaks properly to stop the unintentional airflow. Your windows will never be good in terms of energy savings, unless there is zero percent unintentional air flow.

So, if you are experiencing any of the above situations, then you can take the right decision between the window repair and replacement now. It is also highly recommended to hire the industry’s top window repair professionals for repair or replacement jobs, rather than doing it on your own.


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